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Information about the Chromecast, including hardware and software details, supported apps and development information.

What is Chromecast?Edit

Chromecast is a device made by Google that functions as an audio and video player that connects to an HDMI port on your TV.  The appeal of the Chromecast over similar devices like Apple TV or Roku is the low $35 price point and ease of use.  Unlike other similar devices, the Chromecast does not have a UI that allows the selection of content.  Instead, content is found in one of the supported applications and "casted" to the device.  For many configurations, the Chromecast automatically turns on the TV and selects the correct input for the device, making the entire process straightforward. While support for apps has been slow due to limitations put in place by Google, they have been working since launch on an SDK which any developer can use to integrate Chromecast support into their app.

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Chromecast receives a major update during the weekend of Google's invite only Chromecast Hackathon event.