Known Issues and WorkaroundsEdit

Please add in detail any known issues you have experienced with the Chromecast, and if possible, the workaround to fix the issue.

Only Supports DHCP WiFi Networks Edit

You are unable to setup static IP addressing at the Chromecast device level. If your network isn't running DHCP (i.e. your network uses fixed/static IPs), your Chromecast will not be able to connect to it.

There's currently no work-around for this.


If your DHCP is turned off and you have Static IP's only (as I have and wish to stay), check whether your modem is capable of providing an IP to a device by using its MAC Address. Not all modems/wireless routers provide this but you may be one of the lucky ones.

Netflix Won't Change To New ShowEdit

When watching a show on Netflix initiated from my iPhone, I have run into a minor issue where the Chromecast won't change to a new program.  The "fix" is to switch to a different application (like YouTube), start casting from that application then switch back to Netflix.  Forcing the Chromecast to reload the Netflix application seems to remedy the situation.

Problem with Zyxel P660HN-T1A v2 routers (and possibly others)Edit

Chromecast couldn't connect with the Android device doing the setup in a wifi network created by the Zyxel P660HN-T1A modem. This can be fixed by logging into the configuration interface (by default: user admin, password 1234) and going to Network Setting > Home Networking page. From there, set "IGMP Snooping" to False, press Apply and restart the router.